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What is FDP?

A program which enlightens, ignites, and proves that faculties are not only sophisticated but also Socratic. This in turn fosters both academic and also stimulates the campus culture that values intellectual as well as value based education.

Ceaseless workshops, seminars, presentation skills, other such similar programs would have been offered under the surmise that it would lead to some positive impact on teaching and the end-user, the students. However, report suggests that an hour or two of post-lunch schedules will never fetch any desired result unlike a series of on-going classes with variegated canon.

Why Us?

  • Don’t be a teacher but be a facilitator.(Shoot WHY?)
  • Well designed classes by industry experts.
  • Insights, ideas and best practices.
  • A paradigm shift from teaching to learning.
  • Faculty evaluation on pre and post training.
  • Learning clubs and communities
  • Curriculum development and scheduling.
  • Classroom management and content delivery.
  • Inspire minds and not impart ideas.